The store becomes a street art haven!

by admin on 17/02/2017

The Inutilious Retailer was designed as a community place for everyone to create art. As someone who created and had friends in the street art world, I had always planned on utilizing the store facade as a legal spot for different artists.

The front of the store was a prime Lower East Side spot and it was quickly embellished, including the first yarn bombed gate by London Kaye, the side panel by Wheatpastewoman/Phoebe and a doorway piece by Pyramid Oracle

20160218_105704  20160218_09092520160323_172142 20160323_172337


The side panel was always a multi layer, free for all…

The idea to use the entrance for the basement as a kind of Street Art Advent Calendar was hatched and changed every couple of weeks

20151221_123719Screenshot_2016-03-29-12-22-36-120160323_13335920160406_08451020160527_193119Screenshot_2016-03-29-12-22-02-1Screenshot_2016-03-29-12-22-13-1 IMG_20160711_170425


When Frank Ape added his piece, he combined it with a shirt inside which could be won if the slot machine was pulled and three of the characters he added to the blank reels lined up!


Street artists also used the store as a base from where they could put together art they were putting in the neighborhood



The Graffiti Garden

What I didn’t realize when I rented the store, was that included a huge back yard that was devoid of any graffiti except for this late 70’s or early 80’s piece that nobody had seen before or knew who created it._DSC0086_1

I invited artists to add whatever they wanted to all the walls, with the condition that nobody went over the vintage piece.

One wall went from this


to this…

to this…


This wall started off just saying “where’s my bike?”


and ended up like this

20160730_170650Here’s some of the people responsible for transforming the space into a street art gallery a b c d e f g  i IMG-20151127-WA0009 j k l m n ho pArtists who were young

artists who had done graffiti for 40 years

or artists who tried it for the first time

but in the end, the garden became a place where even the floor was covered in art, where anyone and everyone could come, create, relax…

03a IMG_20160725_140714 20160602_15065820160529_121322IMG_20160725_230433 IMG_20160731_192707 IMG-20151225-WA004120160416_133513  20160415_174013 20160415_180342  20160427_205740   Screenshot_2016-06-20-19-22-02

and of course party…



even on the roof!


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