Prada Vs Zara, Cost Vs Value

by admin on 14/02/2017

A performance artist decided to question the difference between “cost’ and “value”.

The way they decided to do this was to buy a $60 white men’s shirt from Zara….

_DSC6503 _DSC6494

…and buy a very similar shirt from Prada costing $544, then swap the labels.

_DSC6506 _DSC6516


Of course, just changing the labels, doesn’t change the shirt, so the artist hid the words “Art” and “Fashion” and hand embellished the Zara shirt underneath the collar.

A note was added to each shirt which gave a link to the video below. The artist walked back into Prada and Zara and secretly put each garment back on the store shelves.

One customer presumably bought a Prada shirt in Zara for $60, another customer bought a one off piece of art in  Prada for $544. The store got to sell each shirt twice. No customer emailed to ask for a refund.

The artist never heard from anyone regarding the project but the video has been watched, so at least one of the notes must have been found.



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