John Galliano tribute

by admin on 06/03/2011

The anonymous artist who has been using my collection to create art for the last 5 years has created a one-off piece of art to show his support for John Galliano.  I am happy to let you see the result, which I delivered to a person in the  fashion industry who is vociferous in their support of Mr Galliano.

Prophet and Loss

Prophet and Loss

The artist has asked that these comments be published alongside the image of the artwork:

The irony of the name “Christian Dior” seems too good to miss in this sad story of anti-semitic media hysteria against someone who is a creative genius.

Does anyone really believe that John Galliano has no Jewish friends, valued customers or colleagues, that he loves Hitler and wishes all annoying people’s parents had been killed in concentration camps?

The fact is, Mr Galliano describes himself as Gay and a Gypsy, two definite criteria for a one way ticket to the Nazi gas chambers. His comments were stupid, one-on-one acidic insults toward a couple of people who were attacking him while he was drunk and under the pressure that comes 2 weeks before showing a major collection.

He made some mistakes, was crucified in the media, he apologized and is trying to improve himself by dealing with the issues that led to the outburst.

Would you deserve to  lose your career and potentially get sent to prison for 6 months for such comments about Jews, or Muslims or Irish Christian terrorists?

Should Monty Python be imprisoned for joking about the torture and deaths from the Spanish Inquisition as it insults Mr Galliano’s ancestors?

Of course not, and neither should John Galliano.

I eagerly await his resurrection.

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Louiza March 31, 2011 at 7:44 PM

Well it is worth investigating. I would not put his name with Christ since I think Christ is one and only though.


adrian July 1, 2011 at 12:46 AM

i want that t shirt. the one at the top. I WANT IT!


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