Over 5,000 different Indian Shipper’s Tickets available free to any Museum or Institution!

by admin on 04/05/2023

As you may have read, I was promised that the large collection of shipper’s tickets I sold to a rich Indian art collector were to be put into a new museum in Bangalore, researched by curators and made open access for all to enjoy.

hundreds of pages of original shippers tickets were documented
© Adrian Wilson

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not getting that promise in writing as a condition of the sale. The tickets are still not in the museum and, after watching an opinion based video which is riddled with inaccuracies and bias, I am disappointed that this has turned out not to be the best place for this historically important collection. I have offered to buy back all the tickets six weeks ago but with no response from the collector, so that is that.

Fortunately, I professionally documented all the tickets before they left my archive and am now offering these high-quality photographs (which are my copyright) of a unique collection of Indian art for free to any institution that wants them. The photographs also documented original drawings, trademark applications and merchant names/ephemera related to the tickets.

If your institution or organization wants a free digital copy of this unique historic collection, just send me a DM, email me or leave a comment below and I will get right back to you. My only requirements are for a copyright credit, that they aren’t used for commercial gain and that access to the tickets for academics, students and other researchers is free.

In just a few hours I have already been contacted by an Ivy league university in the USA and a research archive in New Delhi, which has turned my major disappointment into potentially a much better result in terms of having these tickets academically and internationally researched. I’m looking forward to hearing from more interested parties I can donate them too as word hopefully spreads

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ilay cooper May 4, 2023 at 8:08 PM

As someone who has spent many years since 1972 studying subcontinental murals, particularly those of of Shekhawati, where the images are often reflected in these amazing trade ‘tickets’ I must agree that this collection is an opening for someone to research something quite unique, I made a small collection of such tickets myself, which are now in the British Museum. Best of luck in finding a home for such a wonderful gift, Adrian.


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